Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pretty in Pink

There's just something about pink that makes me feel so girly!  I'm not a huge fan but a touch of pink can go a long way.
These delicate pink glasses remind me that it's summertime.  Perfect for a cocktail while lounging in the warm summer evenings.  And when I think pink, I think roses.
And if you are going to pull out the pretty plates why not go all the way and pull out the silver...
I love to mix and match my silver.  Each piece tells such a story.


  1. I love your girly pink things! I recently painted my kitchen a light gray and am slowly adding pink to me that the perfect vintage combination. My poor husband - I used to have a very feminine house with lots of pink and ruffles and promised him I wouldn't do that again but I love it! :)
    When you get a chance, I would love to hear more about your store...I live in Omaha and would love to visit.

    Have a lovely Sunday ~

  2. So refreshing and elegant. Love it!