Tuesday, August 31, 2010

French Market Baskets

We have been finding new lines for the shop and I love coming home to boxes on my doorstep.  The thrill of wonder as we tear into the boxes and get to see the bounty within.  Our newest treasure is the French Market Basket, I just love these! I have visions of hanging them on a cute wall hook and filling them with dried florals.
And strolling through the farmer's market with my chic carryall dreaming of visiting the markets in Paris. My mind is just reeling with ideas.  And of course as I'm digging through the boxes my daughter aka tiny shopkeeper is "helping" me.  And in true form she came up with her own use for these lovely baskets...


  1. What a great addition to your inventory. And I think your daughter's interpretation of how the baskets should be used is brilliant!! So cute!

  2. Very cute baskets! I used to own a shop too and I loved to see the UPS man coming my way. It was almost like Christmas :)

  3. French Market Baskets are the very best . . . and your little one is just darling!! :) liz