Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Off To Market We Go!

We are going on our first buying trip to Minnesota and I am so excited.  We have some great lines in our shop but there's always room for more.
In true Simply Bungalow style we are looking for new and old to mix so we need some suggestions on where to go in Minneapolis.
We love chippy, painted, primitive, garden, industrial...we're not picky we love it all!

Do you have a favorite junkin joint?  We love suggestions.


  1. ..All the charity shops (to a good cause!)...Goodwill ...etc...garage sales & auctions...and perseverance!....have fun!..I ussed to live in Delano Minn!....so pretty there!

  2. What beautiful things you have in your shop. I would love to keep in touch as we are doing the same thing in different states. Maybe meet up at a market sometime.

    p.s. Gorgeous blog wallpaper. Love it.

  3. I love to explore new places to junk! I think it gets in our blood! Although it would be nice to have an endless source of cash flow!! LOL!