Monday, January 17, 2011

For the Love of Grains Sacks!

I have a love of grain sacks, feed sack, and burlap sacks.  It's a horrible weakness that causes my mother (business partner) to roll her eyes and shake her head at me.  I often use the term..."lets just throw some burlap at it".  For me it's the duct tape of this shopkeeper's life! 

I have covered chairs, used them for pillow covers, hung them as wall art,  even tacked it down as a floor covering when I was in a pinch to cover a particularly ugly spot in the shop!

So instead of hiding my Addiction to these beauties I've decided to Share it!

And because it's more fun to see what everyone else is doing, I thought I'd share a couple of wonderful ideas I've found while cruising around blogland.

This is one of my favorite blogs.  Donna at Funky Junk Interiors has great ideas and I love linking up to her Saturday Night Blog Party to see what all the talented people have to share.  Her recent link up was all about grain sacks so I was in Heaven!

While clicking away at the links I found Melissa at JunkFest.  She put these lovely coffee sacks to good use.  Love it!

And Jane over at Mamie Jane's turned this fun sugar bag in to a drool worthy foot stool.

I could go on and on but check them out for yourself.  I've found tons of inspiration.

 I hope you do too!


  1. I also love the grain sacks. I think my passion comes from growing up on the farm. I remember walking into feed stores when I was little and they would be using grain sacks. I would like to use more of them for pillows in my home. Next project for 2011!

  2. I know we all love making our own things but I was in TJ Maxx this past weekend and they had some of the cutest little foot stools that were covered in what looked like burlap. When I saw your post it reminded me of them. I have some old feed sacks somewhere in storage I need to hunt down soon and do something with.

  3. Hi! Thanks for sharing my sugar sack footstool with your readers. I really appreciate it!
    I love grain sacks too and have several more just waiting for a project. My Mom has used a couple of larger ones and made aprons out of them. They turned out really cute!
    I'm not too far from you, I live in Kansas City. Next time I get up to Lincoln I'd love to stop by your store.

  4. Hi Heidi and thanks for visiting Vintage Pollyanna! I am so jealous about your venture with your mom. I miss my mother so much and wish I hadn't come to this blog project so late; too late for her to see it. Anyway, I adore feedsacks and enjoyed this little tour of ideas through Blogland!

  5. This is a new love of mine! I've been making a list of all the things I want to cover in burlap & sacks and am afraid my husband will be rolling his eyes soon!

  6. Hey, sorry I missed this until now! Your email go buried in my spam folder.. grrr...

    I'm totally with you on the grain sack love. Who knew we could love those tattered old things so much?

    And thanks for the feature! Very much appreciated. :)