Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

My last post left some unanswered questions that I thought it might be time to answer.

NO!...We are not going out of business.  We were recently faced with not having the lease renewed at our current location.  We were taken completely by surprise.  But since life often throws curves balls we decided to just roll with.  

And as luck would have it "when one door closes, another door opens..."

And we just couldn't be more thrilled with our new location!
(even though it needs a little work...)

Our space has TRIPLED! Yes, it's daunting...

See the deep reddish color...the whole room was that color!  And in order to make it feel more like a cottage we decided we wanted to make it a buttery yellow.

Thanks to an amazing friend and painter this beautiful color now graces the walls....MUCH BETTER!

Now on to the WALLPAPER!!!

It took some doing but we did manage to peel away the very "vintage" wallpaper.

Next step?!....You'll have to wait and see!


  1. What a wonderful oppurtunity...I just love the Lord when he closes a door and then WOWZA!!! Congratulations...enjoy the rest of your week.


  2. Oh, how He takes care of us! So happy to hear that you are getting more footage! Can't wait to see it!

  3. looks like you have your work cut out for you. have fun with it!

  4. What a gorgeous building!! I bet it's going to look fantastic when you are done!!


  5. It looks wonderful! I hope I get to visit sometime soon. Maybe when school is out I'll have time for a road trip! Best of luck!