Monday, April 16, 2012

The Last Day of An Estate Sale...

I'm pretty new to the Estate Sale community...But I'm learning fast!

There are the ones who go super early on the first day...bags in hand...entering with purpose and scooping up "the goods" before anyone else lays eyes on them.  This I am NOT...

I have discovered that I love the last day of Estate Sale...

The masses have pushed and shoved and gotten their treasures and I have time to wonder quietly...

To discover the small treasures that have been over looked...

To "rescue" the slightly chipped or worn pieces that have so much history...

And of course to enjoy the "splurging" because it's all half off!

These are just a few of the finds I took home from an incredible estate sale this weekend.  The woman who had lived in the house had the most amazing collections and had traveled throughout the world.  It was truly a lovely Sunday afternoon!


  1. I'm a last-day girl too. And the "who wants to give me a dollar for this box of stuff" girl at auctions as well. Best stuff!!!

    1. I love the dollar boxes at the Auctions, too!

  2. I'm with you, I like the last day too.

  3. I hope you bring all of these pretties to Junk Jubilee and save them for me! I'll see you there!

    What are the dates of your outdoor vendor sale?

    1. The vendor show is Saturday, May 19th from 10-4pm. We still have a few spaces if you want to be a vendor! See you at Jubliee.